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Have you been wondering where to find public records?  Public records are available in a number of different locations, but it can be difficult to find different types of public records in a single location.  Making that even more complicated, you might even have to pay to access some public records if you go to the wrong source.  You can find public records at our site, Background Check Me.  This site lets you run first and last name searches of millions of public records, including vital statistics, court records, criminal history, arrest records, wills, unclaimed property, addresses, phone numbers, social media, and even credit reports.  You can run searches by name only, or narrow them down by states, helping you find public records in Florida or California public records, which are two of our most popular searches.  Of course, you can also find public records for the other 48 states, as well, along with U.S. territories.  In fact, by running a background check on our site, you can look for public records about an individual all over the United States.

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Public Records

One of the top questions that we get asked is what public records are.  This is a great question, because there is some confusion about the type of documents that are considered part of the public record, and you might not find all of them labeled as public records in the various states and territories. Generally speaking, public records are government records that are made, created, or held by government agencies in the normal course of public business.  These records include paper filings, but also include electronic filings and may also include sound records and other types of records.

Most government records are available for the public to view.  While they may not be made automatically accessible to people searching for them, if a person files a Freedom of Information Act request, they can usually get access to most types of public records.  As a result, many states and territories have become more transparent in what they consider a public record and have made access to them easier than it was in the past.  However, it is important to keep in mind that some government records are not considered public records and will not be released because they are exempt under the law.  These exemptions usually deal with privacy concerns.

Purpose of Public Records

One of the problems that people encounter when searching for public records is that there is often a fee associated with either searching for them or, once they are located, accessing the record.  Finding public records is more difficult.  What many people do not realize is that consolidation sites, which search millions of records at a time, can often get access to records that are behind a paywall for the average consumer.  Therefore, you may have better luck searching public records by using Background Check Me’s service, than you would if you searched for the records in the relevant state databases.  In addition, by using Background Check Me, you get to search in millions of databases at a time, which can help you ensure that you are not missing any results.  One common pitfall we have noticed is that people running background checks tend to focus all of their search results in a single state, rather than keeping in mind that it is very common for people to move from state-to-state.  In addition, even if someone has only ever resided in a state, it is possible for them to own property, be involved in court cases, or even have a criminal record in different states.

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Public Records Florida

For some reason, our customers are very interested in searching through Florida public records.  This is a little bit of a surprise, since Florida is not one of the most few most populated states.  However, if you think about it, the desire for background checks in Florida makes sense.  First, it is a major retirement state.  You may have elderly relatives moving to Florida and want to run background checks on the people with whom they are likely to interact like landlords, neighbors, service providers, and even potential partners.  It is also a popular vacation destination; many people use background checks to make sure that their vacation rental property details check-out.  Some people even check Florida arrest records to make sure that someone has never been arrested in the state, because it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the entire world.  Whatever your reason for wanting to check backgrounds in Florida, Background Check Me has you covered.

California Public Records

Another popular search is for California public records, but the reasons for the popularity of this search are easier to understand.  California is the most populated state in the country, with close to 10 million more residents than the second-most populated state, Texas.  It makes sense that a state with a population approaching 40 million residents would have a high need for background checks.  They can be particularly helpful for those who are trying to break into the entertainment industry, since there is a long history of scammers who want to take advantage of new arrivals.  We can help you search all sorts of California public records to help you eliminate those deals and offers that are too good to be true.