Trying to Conduct a People Search?

Run a Fast People Search

Looking for someone?  People Search is a great way to help you find people.  Providing basic contact and location information for millions of people, People Search sites are a great way to reconnect with lost family members or loved ones, find out information about business contacts, or even begin a preliminary background check. They are full of potential information about people and can help you narrow down someone’s location, as well as finding out their prior addresses and people with whom they commonly associate. They are a great research tool if you are searching for someone.  You may also want to run a people search on yourself to see what kind of information is easily available about you in the public record.  Sometimes public records contain mistakes, and you may actually find that your people search profile contains misinformation that you want to try to correct before applying for a job or otherwise subjecting yourself to any type of scrutiny.

What Is People Search?

People Search harnesses the power of the public record to help you locate people.  You put in the information that you have about a person and our centralized search engines comb through hundreds of thousands of public records to see if they find matches for the information that you input.  The more information you have, the more you can narrow your possible matches, increasing your chances that you will find the person you seek.

People search does this primarily by looking through public records.  Public records are great at providing address information for people, which often leads to other contact information.  Public records can also help connect people through their private information, such as billing information.  By linking thousands and thousands of records together, a people search can provide a comprehensive view of a person’s life.  The contact information for them may not be consolidated on any single public record site out there, but, when put together may provide a complete record.  This can be critical to helping locate people in a time when fewer and fewer people have landline phones and looking up location information is no longer as easy as flipping through a phone book.

Why People Search?

There are many different reasons that people use the People Search feature.  One of the most common reasons that our users give is that they are looking for lost family members.  Whether a family member has been lost because of divorce, adoption, involvement by child protective services, or simply other issues of time and distance, it is not unusual for families to lose track of each other.  People Search provides a great way to track down those lost family members.  Other people use it to find lost loved ones.  Searching for the one that got away or even a childhood best friend that is not on social media?  People search may help you find them.

Of course, not all reasons to search for people are so positive.  Sometimes you need to find someone for other reasons.  Looking for someone who owes you money?  Trying to locate a missing parent for child support?  Doing a little research into where someone lives and who he or she lives with in order to verify whether or not they are telling you the truth about things?  These are also reasons that people use our People Search function.  They might not be quite as fun as trying to find an old best friend, but they are things that people sometimes need to do and People Search is here to help them do it.

Of course, our favorite reason to use People Search is to help find information about yourself.  Have you ever filled out an application that asked for your addresses for the last 20 years?  If you ever had a period in your life where you moved each year, you know how difficult this can be.  People Search can help you find out where you were!

What Information Do You Need?

All you need is a first and last name to run People Search.  However, unless the name is uncommon, you are going to get back so many results that the search may be useless.  If you know the state where a person lived, this is a great first step to narrowing down your results.  However, that also depends on the state.  There are a lot more people in California than in Wyoming.  You The more information you have on a person, the better.  Do you know the name of cities where they lived?  Do you have an approximate age or date of birth?  Do you know the names of people that they shared homes with such as parents, siblings, children, or spouses?  All of this information can help you narrow down your search results and help you find the right person.


In a world where everyone is connected by cell phones and most people have some type of social media, it can be surprisingly difficult to find some people.  Using People Search gives you the power of the public record in your searches.  Combing through millions of records, it finds records that contain the information you have provided, helping you find people you are seeking.  Whether you are looking up a long-lost love or simply trying to find a family member’s address to write a thank you note, the People Search function is there for you.