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  • Public Records

    Immediate access to public records from any state in the United States.

  • Criminal Records

    Find felony and misdemeanor convictions, other criminal violations, and some criminal charges.

  • Court Records

    We update court records from all states on a daily basis, keeping you up-to-date on legal changes.

  • Will Records

    Access wills to find out information about property distribution. We can also help you find deeds and property history for real property.

Which State Do You Need Public Records for?

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Due to the high level of security concerns, the need for background checks has been on the rise.

What is a Background Check

A background check is a report that provides detailed information on a person’s past, background, and character using public records and data sources. The goal is to verify that a person is exactly who they claims to be, and that all information they provided is verified to be accurate.

Why Run a Background Check

The information they say is power. The more information you have about a person, the more you can predict a person’s future actions in a given situation. A background check is valid for a lot of reasons. Background checks are important because they give you information when you need it. Here are some valid reasons why you should run a background check.

For Home Rentals

Renting a house for your vacation on  Conducting a background check on the landlord can verify that they indeed own the property, so you feel safer sending them a check or credit card number for payment.

Online Dating

Aside from professional reasons, a background check is useful for other reasons such as when you are planning a date with someone. This is essential when you want to clear some concerns regarding your safety. In such circumstance, a background check can provide the confidence and security you need.

Prospective Roommates

If you plan to have a roomie soon, you might want to consider running a background check on him/her to ensure there are no past criminal records against such person.

On yourself

This can become necessary whenever you want to see the kind of information available about you online.

What is FCRA?

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a law that guides how information relating to consumer credit is collected, shared and used.

FCRA has provided the framework and guidelines that employers should adhere to when asking, receiving, and using background check from a third party. As a statutory requirement, employers must use FCRA complaint background checker provider for employment.

An FCRA background check upholds the right of the employee throughout the entire background check process. It is highly recommended for all types of background checks. Most employers find it extremely difficult to adhere to FCRA regulations primarily because they differ from state to state and they can change anytime. Therefore, they prefer to hire the services of FCRA compliant background check provider.

How FCRA regulates background checks

As an employer, by using a non-FCRA compliant website for conducting background checks, you will not experience the many benefits that come with a FCRA compliance website. Aside from this, it is also unethical and unlawful to use a non-FCRA complaint background checker for employment purpose.

Here are some examples of FCRA compliant background check providers.

Good Hire

Hire Safe

Information Included in a Background Check

Date of birth: The individuals date of birth

Legal name: Most people claim to be who they are not by falsifying their names. Hence, a background check becomes necessary.

Phone numbers: Your phone number will be verified by the potential employer to know if you have wrong contact details.

Known aliases: This is to ascertain if you have any other known you can be addressed with.

Traffic records: Traffic records may be conducted to know the driving history of a person and if he has violated any traffic law within a period.

Current and last known address: An employer may run a check to determine the current and last address of a potential employee. This can also be conducted by the criminal investigation department as a part of their investigation processes.

Properties owned: This is mostly performed in circumstances where an individual’s asset need to be verified.

Relatives: Most organisations run compensation and other benefit programs for their employee’s relatives, so they need to verify if the number of relatives is following what was submitted.

Bankruptcies: A money lending company usually performs a bankruptcy check on an individual applying for a loan to know the probability of paying the loan within the specified period.

DUI arrests: Many organisations conduct DUI arrest on potential hires, (especially on those who will be handling sensitive company’s information or driving) to ascertain if the person had ever been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Persons living at the same address: This kind of background check is mostly done to verify if a person lives alone or with other relatives. Or if the person shares an apartment with others in the same address.

Arrest and conviction records: This is common in criminal investigations to know the criminal history of an individual and the probability that he will commit the same offense in the nearest future.

Vital Records: Birth records, Death Records, Marriage Records, Divorce Records.

Liens: A criminal investigation may include conducting a background check on an individual’s right to a lien.

Online activity: A background check may be conducted by an organisation to verify the online activity of potential hires if it conforms with the company’s terms of service.

Weapon permits: It is a check performed to know if a person has the legal license to be in possession of any weapon.

Social media information: Many organisation extracts the social media information of a potential hire and subject it to analysis before considering the person fit for employment.

Known associates: A background check can be conducted on a person to know if he works or associates with any criminals. A person arrested for drug offenses might be interrogated by the police to know his close associates.

Judgments: A background check can be conducted to ascertain if a person has been convicted by any court of law in the past.

Where Does Background Check Information Come From?

The question of how the background checks companies to source for info about an individual remains a mystery to many people. Here are valid sources where they get verified information.

Identity verification and applicant information

The first source from which background check companies get information is from the individual himself. Background check companies have access to the tenant, employment form, resumes and other forms filed by applicants. The CRA will check public records such as Credit headers, DMV, birth record and other third-party records to verify if the applicant’s information is correct.

Employment and education records

To ascertain a person’s employment and educational records, many background check companies choose to contact the past employer or school directly. However, due to ethical concerns, most employers are reluctant to disclose info about their past employees.

Financial records

Background check companies rely on a person’s credit records to get information on bankruptcies, liens, eviction issues and other fundraising challenges an individual has had in the past.

State and county records

To get reliable information concerning a person’s criminal records, CRA’s search state, local or county records. Information gotten at this level is usually more accurate than those obtained at the national and federal level.

Federal and national records

Background check websites conduct sex offenders search and national criminal background checks on an individual to provide useful information to property managers, security agencies and employers.

How a Background Check is Compiled

There are different ways background check companies conduct check on an individual. This depends on the situation and the reason for the check. Here is a list of ten common ways background check is compiled on an individual.

Background Checks

How is background information free? Almost all the information gotten by background checks are retrieved from public records. Such info is readily available to anyone who is ready to spend some time to research and find it. Most background check companies provide free background check directory service to assist those who need credible information about someone or even themselves.

Although many background check service companies compile information from various sources and provide background check services for a fee(either monthly plan or fixed payment), if you don’t want to pay for such services and you prefer a free background check report, then you can gain access to the kind of info you need with free background check services. All you need is to follow the instructions outlined in the state guidelines. With it, you can freely check any public records locally or at the federal level. Although most states charge a little fee for this, it is reasonable and far better than paying a monthly fee to access background check services.

You can view each state to see how you can locate most public records for free (click on map above)

Background Check Services

What are the best background checking companies?

We will try to be unbiased as much as possible. Depending on the algorithm the use, how and where they retrieve their data. Each provider has its strength and weakness.


Intelius is one of the top 5 background check websites that provide users with accurate and updated records about an individual’s past activities. Any background check initiated with this Intelius comes with a report that may include records on bankruptcy, lawsuit, divorce, criminal records, and any other public records.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate are appraised by users for having the complete database you can ever get online. Just enter the person’s name, city, state, and M.I, from there, you can narrow down your search according to your specific needs. The database has the complete public records of almost all adults in the United States.

Truth finder

The platform offers one of the best background check services with its updated database of police records, criminal records and other forms of public records available. It’s search directories can help you reconnect with family and friends. It is also one of the easiest ways to look up criminal records online.

Can I delete my Background Check Information?

If you are scared of what your potential employer might find out about you, there is a way you can delete your information from specific background checker’s database. So how can you purge out your information from these sites?

Removing your info from a public database is not an easy process because there is no specific place you can click and remove everything. First, you have to compile a list of the top 20 background check website. This will override other smaller online checkers. Each site has a different procedure for removal. Some will ask you to fill a contact form while others will require you to contact them directly. Some may even require you to send them a valid means of identification. However, be prepared to spend a lot of time contacting each of these top-rated background check websites and submitting their requirements one after another.

It is pertinent to note that there is a slim chance of erasing your background check information successfully because these records may resurface online later and most of the background check website may deny your application.

What if it was successful?

Take a deep breathe, knowing you have only succeeded in erasing some of your records from these online aggregators. This is just the beginning as you have to keep checking periodically to ensure new information about you does not appear. The best thing to do to prevent these background check sites from capturing your data now and then is to avoid actions that make you vulnerable to them. Such as getting arrested, involving in a lawsuit, becoming bankrupt or getting a divorce. And if you plan to get married soon, be ready to start the erasing process all over again as soon as you get married.


Whenever a background check is mentioned, what comes to the minds of most people is a criminal history check. But it is far more than that. Anyone can conduct a background check. It is performed whenever you want to ascertain the real identity of a person, be it criminal records, marital status, date of birth, citizenship or any other kind of verification. Generally, background checks help its users to make informed decisions and avoid lots of mistakes.