Finding an address used to be easy.  For friends and family, you kept addresses in a physical address book, while finding the address for a business or a stranger was as easy as looking them up in the local telephone book.  Even though information is easier to access than ever, finding an address lookup site can be challenging because people often to do not know where to search.  Simply typing an individual or business name into Google will get you results, but the problems is that it may get you so many results that you are unsure which one is correct.  With an address lookup service, you can narrow down all of those results, helping you find the person or business you want to find without getting bogged down in extraneous information.  This makes it easier to send that thank you card, surprise someone with a gift, lookup how to get to a party, find a relative, or even check out a property you are considering purchasing.

What Is Address Lookup?

Address lookup can actually work in more than one way.  You can enter in someone’s name and use that information to find out the address where they live.  This type of search might also give you previous addresses, which can come in very handy if you are trying to locate someone from your past.  You may know where they lived at one point in time, but not know where they live now.  By using the address lookup feature, you can narrow down your results to the right person.  You can also use a phone number to find the address associated with that phone number.  In the days of landline telephones, this was a reliable way to find a physical address associated with a phone number.  In the modern age, when landline telephones are increasingly rare and most people use their cellular phones, this method is far less reliable.

Search for an Address Now

Locate a Relative

One of the main reasons that people use address lookup services is to find a long lost relative.  We live in a society where families can easily get separated.  Divorces lead to parents living in different homes from their children and can lead to them living across the country if remarriages and job relocation occurs.  Even the best intentions can result in estrangement and losing contact.  When children are adopted, they may not only lose contact with their birth parents, but also with siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  If you know where a family member once resided and their names, you can use that information with the address lookup tool to try to find them today.

Find Lost Loves

We also lose touch with other meaningful people in our lives.  While they may not be family, these early childhood friends or lost loves can leave a profound hole in our lives.  Social media has helped many people reconnect, but it is not for everyone.  Even if you are a social media fan, the person you want to find may simply not use it.  Just like looking for a lost relative, the address lookup tool can help you find out how to reach out to that childhood best friend or the one who got away.

Send a Gift or Card

Have you ever wanted to surprise someone with a flowers, a gift, or even just a nice note, only to discover that you do not know their address?  Sure, you could call or text them to get their address, but then you will ruin the surprise.  Instead, you can take a few minutes to use our address lookup tool to find out the information and make sure that gift is a surprise.  Just make sure you know your audience.  Do you not know their address because you have just neglected to make sure to write it down or do you not know their address because your relationship is not close enough for you to know where they live?  While this may seem like a pretty clear-cut distinction, it is a line that people frequently cross.  Gestures that one person views as grand, sweeping, or romantic can be seen as being overblown and possibly intimidating by others.  So, keep that in mind when using address lookup to find an address for sending gifts or cards.

Check Out a Potential Partner

While we certainly do not want anyone using our service to do anything creepy in their dating lives, we do encourage people to use it to be safe.  Is your new man or woman cagey about details in their private life?  Have you been dating for a while and you still do not know where they live, or, if you do, have never been to their house?  You can use our address lookup service to get their address and then use it to find out who else resides in their home.  If they have a secret spouse, significant other, or children, those secrets may come to light with this search.


Finding people is both easier and more challenging in a digital world.  The problem used to be that you might not be able to locate someone by looking in the traditional places such as phone books.  Now, the problem is that you may find so many different potential hits that you will not be able to determine the correct one.  Our address lookup service is a smart way to narrow down the noise and help you find the address you are seeking.  Whether you are using known information to help you find a friend or loved one that is no longer in your life, checking out an address for a potential property purchase, or using the service to get an address for a gift or card delivery, the address lookup service can help you quickly find the correct information.

Search for an Address Now