Looking for Somebody?

One of the most basic services offered by background check companies, including Background Check Me, is the simple people search.  If you are familiar with the old school internet, then you remember people search as being similar to a huge internet white pages of sorts, where you could look for people by using their names.  Of course, with billions of people around the world, it can be difficult to narrow down the results to help you find the person you are actually looking for.  Therefore, a true people search does not just look for a person using name information, but adds in other parameters to help narrow down your search results.  You can narrow down the results from millions of public records by adding in information that you know about the person, including things like phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, relatives, associates, and more.  However, if you have ever tried to use an internet based people search service in the past, you have probably realized that it is difficult to find a free people search.  You may be able to search for someone by name for free, but not get enough information in the results to determine whether or not you have the right record before being asked to pay for additional information.  At Background Check Me, we want to help you find the people that you are looking for, which is why we combine the true people search principals with the idea of the free people search, letting you provide enough information to confidently narrow down your search results.

True People Search

People Search

Because the internet is so vast and contains information about almost everyone (it is virtually impossible to really live off the grid), many people think that a people search will be easy.  However, it is actually because the internet contains so much information about so many people that the people search process can actually get pretty difficult.  It is not that you will not find information about the people you are trying to find, but that you might find so many possible results that you find it impossible to narrow them down to the right person.  In addition, you might find yourself looking at dozens of different sites in order to try to locate someone.

True People Search

We have already identified the possibility of too many results as one of the major stumbling blocks in a people search.  That is why we have what we call a true people search, which not only lets you search for an individual by first and last name, but also gives you the opportunity to enter in other identifying information to help you narrow down your search results and find the person you are trying to find, not hundreds or thousands of people who happen to share the same name.  This gives you better results, which can save you time and ultimately save you money if you need to order more in-depth results on a person.

At Background Check Me, we have done everything we can on our end to help you make the people search process easier, by providing you access to millions of public records and documents in a single search.  We also allow you to narrow down search results, so that you are not looking through thousands of results that are irrelevant to your search.  However, there are some things that you can do to help you ensure that you are getting the most accurate search results possible.  First, before you begin your people search or background check, compile all of the information you have on the person you want to investigate.  Do you know the person’s full name?  Do they have any aliases?  Do they have any other legal names, like maiden names or prior married names?  Do you know a current address or any previous addresses?  Do you have the person’s date of birth, or, if no date of birth, a general idea of the person’s age?  Do you know where a person was born? If the person is deceased, do you know the date of death or where they died?  While this information is not essential to a people search, it can greatly simplify the process and keep you from having to weed through results that are about other people.

Free People Search Online

Like many things on the internet, the people search process has been monetized and it can be difficult to find a real free people search.  There is actually a reason for this.  Large background check and people search sites usually aggregate documents from millions of sources, and many of those sources are found behind paywalls.  It is not actually free for them to run their searches.  So, we understand why they charge for results.  However, one of the problems that you will see is that they ask you to pay for results before you can really determine if the results they have found match the search you are conducting.  By providing more free details than many of our competitors, Background Check Me helps you avoid those problems, so that, if you do find yourself needing additional information that is not available in a free background check or people search, you are much more likely to be paying for information about the right person.